Why so few police on I-95? | Letters to the editor


Thank you to Sun Sentinel reporter Lois Solomon for providing ticket statistics for Interstate 95. It’s just what I suspected.

Why is the Florida Highway Patrol writing fewer tickets in Broward than in Palm Beach County, when Broward has more traffic, more accidents and more fatalities?

FHP needs to move some troopers south or get them to write more tickets. I realize law enforcement has challenges, as you reported, but the situation on I-95 in Broward is a complete free-for-all, and as new lanes are added, it’s getting worse. I’m middle aged and grew up in Palm Beach and now live in Broward, and I drive back and forth several times weekly.

I never thought I would say I want more state troopers to write more tickets, but I rarely see troopers on I-95. I usually drive 74 mph, and people fly past me at 85 or 90 mph.

It’s mind boggling that this is allowed to happen.

Mike Allison, Fort Lauderdale

Dumped from Citizens

I want to thank Sun Sentinel reporter Ron Hurtibise for the informative article about Citizens’ efforts to get rid of insurance policies. I hope many people read about this “depopulation.” It certainly helped us understand our rights.

We received a letter from Citizens dated Aug. 28, asking us to consider switching to Slide Property Insurance Corp. This is the second such “offer” we received after we declined the first one.

This time the letter listed two offers: Citizens, whose price hike for next year was above this year’s premium by more than $1,000, at $5,033, and Slide’s offer of $9,146.

The letter indicated that if we did not register a choice by Oct. 5, Citizens would select an offer for us.

When I went to Citizens’ website, as instructed, to decline Slide’s “offer,” I got a message that “a policyholder choice selection had already been submitted for [our] policy.”

Is the decline automatic if the offer is more than 20% above Citizens’ offer?

This is all very confusing.

I’ll be calling my insurance agent to see if he can verify any of this. What a waste of time and resources on everyone’s behalf. I don’t know how older citizens and people on fixed incomes will manage. Please keep up the good work, Sun Sentinel. It’s nice to know that someone is looking out for us.

Christel Callahan, Boca Raton

Do your job, Congress

We need a federal budget that lifts up families, not a government shutdown. We are days away from the federal government shutting down because extremist House Republicans are choosing partisan antics over funding programs that lift up our families, communities and economy.

House Republicans want to shut down the government, collapse our economy, and jam their right-wing agenda through Congress, slashing funding for everything from WIC (women, infants and children) food assistance for postpartum moms and babies to K-12 education, while passing anti-immigrant policies.

We will not stand for this. Our elected leaders need to do their job, avoid a shutdown, and pass a budget that lifts up children, families and our economy, including fully funding WIC and childcare.

Cindy Araya, Miami 

Who’s the real lunatic?

Donald Trump continues to rail against federal prosecutor Jack Smith as a “deranged lunatic.”

This assertion should be considered in light of the fact that the former president is reported to have once thrown a plate of spaghetti against a wall in the White House in a fit of rage; that he believes that General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, should be executed for treason; and that he stated in a gaffe-filled speech in a recent rally that he defeated Barack Obama in 2016 and thereby avoided “World War II.”

A sense of irony is clearly not part of the former president’s DNA.

Jerry Barkan, Pompano Beach




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